Careers (Life after S/Ms)

Useful Career/Job search websites

  • Security Cleared Jobs – (Speaks for itself)
  • Jobsite – (An absolute must if you’re looking for jobs or considering posting your CV on line)
  • JobTop – (Simple, easy to use Job Search engine)
  • Monster – (OK, but not as good as it used to be because it’s expensive to advertise on)
  • Job Rapido – (Particularly good – It reconciles other sites so that you don’t have to search one site and then the next and then the next!!)
  • Total Jobs – (OK but…..)
  • Broadbean – (This site lists all the job boards and what they specialise in)
  • CV Library – (This is a good site to have your CV registered on. Many recruiters use this to search for candidates)

Below are a list of sites that typically employ “and like to employ” submariners. The list is by no means exhaustive.

By “Clicking” on the link you’ll be transported to the company’s vacancy page.

“I am typically putting down UK companies however, if you would like to add another company site to this site, please let me know”

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