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ThyssenKrupp agrees sale of Swedish submarine shipyard to Saab

Toy ducks are placed on a sign of Germany's top steelmaker ThyssenKrupp during a protest at their headquarters in Essen February 25, 2014. REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

Germany’s ThyssenKrupp said late on Sunday it had agreed to sell its submarine shipyard in the south of Sweden to Swedish defence firm Saab for 340 million Swedish crowns (29.63 million pounds).

Saab had confirmed on Thursday it was nearing an agreement after business daily Dagens Industri reported that it might soon announce such a deal, with a price tag well below 1 billion Swedish crowns.

Saab and ThyssenKrupp announced in April they were in talks on the sale of the unit after the German group failed to reach a deal with Sweden for a new generation of submarines.

“The acquisition is in line with Saab’s ambitions to increase its capacity within the marine area and strengthen the company’s position as a full supplier of military systems,” Saab said in a statement.

The transaction is not expected to have a significant impact on 2014 results, the Swedish company added, noting that ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems will be integrated within Saab’s Security and Defense Solutions division.

Sweden had been seeking ways to share development costs with other potential buyers of its A-26 submarine but failed to agree on commercial terms with ThyssenKrupp, which also builds submarines in a separate business in Germany.

Sweden’s government asked Saab earlier this year to come up with a strategy to support Swedish submarine naval forces.

Defence analysts saw the move as opening the door for the Swedish company to build submarines instead.

ThyssenKrupp Marine employs around 1,000 staff in Sweden, mainly in the southern Swedish cities of Malmo and Karlskrona. The Marine Systems unit, which also makes naval ships, posted sales of 1.33 billion euros last year.

Source – Yahoo News

Russia, Sweden to Conduct Sub Rescue Drills

Russia, Sweden to Conduct Sub Rescue Drills

Russia, Sweden to Conduct Sub Rescue Drills

Russian and Swedish naval forces will hold a joint submarine rescue exercise, a Baltic Fleet spokesman said on Saturday.

Later this year experts from the Baltic Fleet’s search and rescue division, in conjunction with Swedish Navy specialists, will rehearse a search and rescue operation for a submarine in distress, Capt. 2nd Rank Vladimir Matveyev said.

The exercise will be conducted under a preliminary agreement reached between Baltic Sea chief Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk and Swedish Navy commander Rear Admiral Jan Thörnqvist during their meeting in Kaliningrad this past October.

The exercise will involve the search for “a submarine in distress” lying on the seabed, the exploration of its hull with the use of remote controlled submersibles and the rescue of its crew.



Soviet submarine wreck found off Sweden – Video clip

 Sub reck
Video clip can be viewed by clicking the picture “or” the source link at the bottom…..

The wreck was discovered earlier this autumn following reports in the Russian media that Swedish civilian divers had found a submarine wreck southeast of Öland, the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) said in a statement.
The wreck was localized by the submarine rescue ship HMS Belos, which also managed to take pictures of the sunken Soviet sub.

According to the Swedish military, the wreck is likely that of S6, a Soviet submarine that went missing in September 1941.
The wreck was found near the Wartburg mine barrier in international waters, but within Sweden’s economic zone.
While it remains unclear exactly what may have caused S6 to go down, an open hatch provides some clues as to what may have happened.
“Boats at the time often sailed on the surface in order to quickly flee and/or to recharge their batteries,” Commander Christian Allerman of the Swedish Navy said in a statement.
The Swedish military theorized that the submarine simply sailed right into the mine barrier and was blown up by a mine.
The wreck consists of two main pieces, with the bow section coming to rest about 20 metres north of the stern section, which was found next to a torpedo-like object.
The images captured by the HMS Belos also show Russian text on the wreck, as well as the Soviet hammer and sickle.

Source – The Local