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UK – Worker dies in Plymouth Dockyard accident

Worker dies in Plymouth Dockyard accident

        The civilian worker died following an  accident at Devonport Dockyard this afternoon

HEALTH and safety inspectors and police are continuing the investigate the  death of a dockyard worker at Devonport yesterday.

Officers from Devon and Cornwall police are leading the enquiry into the  death of the 57-year-old civilian.

The man, who was from the Newton Abbot area, was killed when he was operating  a cherry picker on a laid up submarine.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police said: “Just before 1pm on Monday,  October 21 officers were called to Devonport Dockyard following the report of an  industrial accident.

“As a result of the incident, a 57-year old male sadly died at the scene. His  next of kin has been informed.

“A joint investigation by Devon and Cornwall Police, the Health and Safety  Executive and MOD has commenced, and HM Coroner has been informed.”

It’s understood that the police will lead the investigation before fully  handing the case over to the HSE if they do not establish any grounds for  prosecution.

The HSE will then wait for the inquest to conclude before continuing an  independent investigation to establish if any health and safety laws have been  breached.

A spokesman for the Health and Safety Executive said: “We are looking into  the latest incident.

“Devon and Cornwall police are leading the investigation.

“We have had inspectors on the site but it’s very early days.”

The man, who has not been named, was a civian who worked for Babcock  Marine.

The dockyard operator released a statment shortly after news of the incident  broke.

It said: “Everyone at Babcock is saddened by this tragedy, and our thoughts  are very much with the family of the person who has lost his  life.”

Source – This is Plymouth

Babcock & Wilcox announces $510 million in defense contracts

Babcock & Wilcox

The Babcock & Wilcox Company has been awarded more than $510 million in contracts to supply the U.S. military with nuclear components, the firm announced this morning.

The work, which will include making nuclear power systems for submarines and aircraft carriers, will be performed in part at B&W’s Nuclear Operations Group, which is headquartered on Mt. Athos Road.

Facilities in Barberton, Ohio; Euclid, Ohio; and Mt. Vernon, Indiana also will participate. The work began in January and will last eight years, B&W said.

B&W said more than $445 million of the $510 million figure was issued as options under a 2010 contract worth $2 billion, while more than $65 million was issued under a new fiscal-year 2013 agreement. However, the total amount was appropriated in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Source – News Advance

Assystem Energy and Nuclear Engineers pay a visit HMS/M Vengeance in Devonport

The 15,000 tonne Scotland based Trident submarine ‘HMS Vengeance’ sailed into Devonport in March this year. As part of a £350m Ministry of Defence contract to refit and refuel, it’s been suggested that the ballistic nuclear submarine has safeguarded upwards of 2,000 UK jobs across the defence industry.

Assystem Energy and Nuclear staff pictured outside the Trident refit complex in Babcock’s Devonport dockyard (left to right, Amy Bowers, Tim Wicksteed, Pete Gillham, Mike Ormston & Jason Lockley)

With work on the Vanguard class vessel securing 1,000 jobs at Babcock in Devonport alone, Assystem Energy and Nuclear is representative of a number of other companies involved in ensuring that this nuclear deterrent will continue to operate safely and effectively for years to come once back at sea and operational.

Sitting out of the water in her specially converted dry dock, Assystem Energy and Nuclear were invited to step aboard the 150m (492ft) long vessel. HMS Vengeance, the last of her class to be refitted in Devonport is undergoing a complete overhaul of equipment, improvements to her missile launch capabilities and upgrades to the onboard computer systems. A new reactor core will also be fitted, a core that has been designed to last the submarine until she is finally decommissioned.

UK Trident Submarine – HMS Vengeance – Photo (RN)

As guests of the HMS Vengeance’s Assistant Marine Engineering Officer – Lieutenant Sam Gill RN, Assystem Energy and Nuclear Bristol based engineers couldn’t help but marvel at the size and complexity of the vessel as they set foot onto the submarine’s casing.

” It was great to be able to link the work I’ve been doing with the people who are operating the submarines on a day-to-day basis. The UK’s fleet of nuclear submarines have an excellent safety record and that has only been possible due to the combined efforts of the engineers who design them and the crews themselves, whose meticulous approach to maintenance ensures any problems are identified and dealt with swiftly.” –  Tim Wicksteed (Assystem Energy and Nuclear Stress Engineer)

“It’s proved to be a very successful and rewarding day. Our engineers and designers work hard on lots of submarine projects, but not many of them ever get the opportunity to see where their bits of the puzzle fit into the incredibly large picture. I think it gives our guys a much greater sense of achievement to see their efforts up close” Jason Lockley (Assystem Energy and Nuclear Business Development Manager (ex Submariner))

“You don’t fully appreciate the density or diversity of the systems that are involved until you get to see them installed in an operational environment. It’s absolutely invaluable to talk to the teams that are involved with operating and maintaining the boat and to learn from their experiences”. Mike Ormston (Assystem Energy and Nuclear Principal EC&I Engineer) 

Assystem Energy and Nuclear engineering consultancy specialises in mechanical and electrical design, structural integrity work and the generation of safety reports for many primary nuclear components onboard the UK’s existing submarine fleet. Assystem Energy and Nuclear are also involved with future submarine programmes as well as being heavily involved in the civil nuclear sector, supporting new build, maintenance and decommissioning activities.

Rear Admiral Simon Lister was quoted as saying “The highly sophisticated nature of the work involved in the deep maintenance of these magnificent vessels is testament to the experience and skills of the workforce in Devonport and those in the supply chain across the UK.” (BBC News, 26 March 2012)

One of Assystem Energy and Nuclear’s bright young engineering stars, who’s soon to finish her PhD said.  

When you see the scale of the submarine and all the components involved it’s very impressive – it’s fantastic to get the opportunity to work on such projects. You only have to take a look at projects like this one and others that companies like ours are involved with to realise that we have great engineering talent in the UK. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds to it. Amy Bowers (Assystem Energy and Nuclear Graduate Stress Engineer)

Assystem Energy and Nuclear would like to thank HMS Vengeance ship’s staff, especially MEO – Lt Cdr Shaun Southward RN & AMEO Lt Sam Gill RN for such an enlightening tour, and the interest shown in how the wider MoD Supply chain works to support the submarine programme.

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