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Subwear clothing

SUBWEAR Clothing Ltd is a small family run business supplying a variety of
Clothing perfect for all your Embroidery and Printing needs, including T-shirts,
Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Fleece Jackets, Hoodies, Hats.

Navy Blue

NAVY BLUE is a specialist retail outlet selling Naval & Military memorabilia
to the general public. They have hundreds of products in stock with more ranges being added all the time.

Admiralty Promotions – 

ADMIRALTY PROMOTIONS Ebay Shop is an extension of SUBWEAR clothing selling most of all that you’d find at the SUBWEAR website.

Submarine Art – 

SUBMARINE ART extensive portfolio of US submarines of all classes, including Diesel (Fleet) Boats, Fast Attack, the 41 For Freedom SSBNs (Polaris and Poseidon), and TRIDENT SSBNs. Artist has also documented British Tridents and SSBNs, as well as some of the more famous US surface ships

Submarine Shop –

SUBMARINE SHOP is more focused upon the USA submariner, nevertheless it has some good gizzits!


SUBVETSTORE We here at the Sub Vet Store are committed to delivering your submarine pride gear the way you want it. We specialize in unique products and consider your ability to customize them paramount to our success”

Forever Jack –

FOREVER JACK is a web site aimed at serving, retired, semi-retired Matelots, WRNS and Marines or those still hanging around dockyards but are just too frail to climb the gangway. “We specialise in bespoke navy memorabilia and clothing all of which is designed right here in JACK HQ”

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