Royal honour for HMS Talent submariners

British Forces News

Submariners serving on the Trafalgar class submarine HMS Talent welcomed their royal sponsor Princess Anne at Devonport Naval Base, Plymouth this week.

After being greeted by the Naval Base Commander Commodore Stuart Little and receiving the royal salute, she inspected the mustered sailors.

The visit was to reacquaint her with the submarine and crew in which she takes a strong interest as sponsor.

HMS Talent’s commanding officer Commander John Aitken escorted the princess during a parade and inspection of the crew. She was joined by Commodore Jake Moores (Commodore Devonport Flotilla) and Captain Justin Huges (Captain Submarines of Devonport Flotilla).

Commander John Aitken, who escorted her during the parade and inspection of crew, said: “It was a great opportunity to say thank you to the HMS Talent families for all their support over the last 18 months; their forbearance allows us to get on with whatever jobs we have to do and I hope they are as proud of their sailors as I am.”

Princess Anne also greeted Leading Seaman Hackett with the Fleet Commander’s commendation for exemplary service. He said: “It was a great pleasure to receive this commendation from Her Royal Highness.”

HMS Talent kicked off a very successful and challenging year by winning the Valiant Trophy for recognition of excellence shown during sea training.

In the spring the submarine travelled to the South Atlantic to strengthen relations with the South African Navy and has just returned from operations.

The submarine is currently alongside in Devonport for a period of maintenance before commencing any further operations in the future.


HMS Talent is a Trafalgar Class submarine, the penultimate of the class of seven.

She was built in Barrow-in-Furness and launched by HRH in 1988.

The submarine was commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1990.

HMS Talent has a displacement dived of 5,291.3 tonnes and 4,815.8 tonnes once surfaced.

After a significant refit in 2006 the submarine had a major capability upgrade and was fitted with the Royal Navy’s most advanced sonar while her armament includes a Spearfish wire-guided torpedo (long range anti-ship and anti submarine) and Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (precision attacks against land targets).

HMS Talent’s affiliations include Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council while her adopted charity is Shrewsbury’s Hope House Hospice (for terminally ill children).

Source – BFBS News

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