Expert: China’s submarines close to world level

When commentating as a guest on People’s Daily Online, naval expert Li Jie said that submarines independently designed by China are close to those of the United States, Russia, Germany and Japan in performance indicators, despite slight gaps from developed countries in terms of power plant and noise.

Li Jie explained that China’s process of designing and building submarines has been actually getting mature and increasingly improved. By virtue of the intelligence and wisdom of Chinese people, China has made significant achievements in submarine design. The submarines independently designed by China have no big problems but some slight gaps in noise, material application and power supply.

Li Jie added China’s submarines are very close to nuclear submarines developed by the U.S. and Russia as well as conventional submarines developed of Japan and Germany in performance indicators, with narrowing gaps with them. Specifically, China has made improvements in mute effect, invisibility, material application, underwater hitting power, while we are also developing long-range, short-range, anti-ship and ballistic missiles. Additionally, we are also making effort to improve AIP submarines, and have made a great progress.

Source – Peoples Daily online

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