Submariner has his long service in the Royal Navy recognised

A DEVONPORT submariner has been given an award in recognition of his long service in the Royal Navy.

Warrant Officer Jeff Griffiths has been handed the award for dedication, professionalism and leadership after concluding his 33-year career as a submariner.

 ​Warrant Officer Jeff Griffiths receives his award
Warrant Officer Jeff Griffiths receives his award

Griffiths, who left the Royal Navy in 2012, had been a key member of the team working on the UK’s strategic missile deterrent submarines. He had also been a vital part of the successful overhaul of HMS vigilant.

A veteran of the Falklands Conflict, Jeff joined the Royal Navy in 1979, working his way up to the highest non-commissioned rank.

Jeff said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed serving in the Royal Navy submarine service and I’m pleased that I will be able to continue supporting the submarine fraternity in my new civilian post.”

Captain Paul Methven, Superintendent Submarines for Royal Navy at Devonport, presented the certificate at a ceremony on Tuesday.

He praised Jeff’s outstanding service. “Jeff has made an immense contribution over many years.

“His knowledge of the systems and how to get things done is second to none and we shall miss him.”

But I’m delighted that he is remaining part of the submarine enterprise and that he’ll be able to use and pass on his experience in others in his new job”.

Source – Plymouth Herald

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