UK – AMS wins submarine equipment contract

UK – Stokesley-based firm Analox Military Systems has won a valuable contract to supply submarine equipment to the Norwegian Navy

Analox Military System is to supply the Norwegian Navy with submarine equipment
Analox Military System is to supply the Norwegian Navy with submarine equipment


A manufacturing specialist has won a six-figure contract to supply the Norwegian Navy with submarine equipment.

Analox Military Systems (AMS), which specialises in the design and manufacture of gas analysis equipment, has signed the contract with Norwegian Defense Logistics Organisation (NDLO) to supply the Norwegian Navy with two carbon monoxide monitoring systems for six ULA-class submarines.

Established more than 30 years ago, the Stokesley-based firm already exports to navies around the world including the USA, Brazil, Holland, Australia and Sweden.

It will undertake the development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the new system, with the first due to be delivered in February.

Analox Ltd divided its operation into two divisions in 2011, launching Analox Military Systems Ltd to help it continue the business growth.

AMS, which also won Exporter of the Year Award at the North East Business Awards 2006, delivers services and products for military customers around the world. It is currently working with Hakon Rygh, its Norwegian distributor, on the installation and commissioning phase.

Vicky Brown, sales and marketing director at AMS, said: “We’re very proud to be supplying the Norwegian Navy with gas analysis equipment.

“Historically, carbon monoxide monitoring has been problematic for submarines owing to the presence of hydrogen.

“AMS’s new system uses an accurate infra-red technique and as a result, is not sensitive to hydrogen, giving the submariners confidence in the accuracy of the monitoring.”

Commander Baard Gjerstad, project manager submarine projects for NDLO, added: “We needed equipment which would not be affected if hydrogen was present, and Analox Military Systems is able to deliver systems which meet this specific need. We are looking forward to working with AMS on this contract.”

The submarine has people living and working within a confined space. It is therefore essential the atmosphere is carefully managed at all times to limit exposure of the crew to potentially harmful substances.

The new CO monitoring system, which is designed specifically for submarines, will be officially launched at DSEi, a major defence and security exhibition in London, from September 10 to 13.

Brown added: “ We are expanding our team and boosting our engineering capability. This contract win, and the growth of our team, is testament to the commitment and hard work of everyone at AMS.”

This contract win, and the growth of our team, is testament to commitment and hard work

Source –  The Journal

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