US -Eugene Wilkinson (1918-2013): Navy Commanding Officer of First Nuclear Submarine


The US Navy gives recognition and all salutes to Vice Admiral Eugene P. Wilkinson, who passed away last July 11 at the age of 94, as reported in NavyTimes.

Wilkinson made history as the first commanding officer to have full command over Nautilus, the Navy’s first nuclear-powered submarine. As the Nautilus made its maiden voyage, Wilkinson issued a message: “Underway on nuclear power”His career in the Navy spanned 34 years, starting from his commissioning in 1940.

His credentials include a Silver Star for his services during World War II, as well as working as the Naval Operations for Submarine Warfare’s deputy chief prior to his retirement in 1974. Wilkinson also powered the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations as its first president and CEO. The organization emphasizes the importance of safety in nuclear power plants. Aside from his command of the historic nuclear sub, he also commandeered the first nuclear-powered cruiser called Long Beach.

Navy Staff director Vice Adm. Richard Hunt expressed his respect for the departed veteran, in behalf of the entire Navy fleet. “He was a pioneering leader, an outstanding shipmate, and he will be sorely missed by his community and the Navy family,” Hunt said. –

Source – US Navy Seasl Blog

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