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Ramsden Square, Barrow   in Furness

Ramsden Square, Barrow in Furness

A MEMORIAL is set to be created to remember submariners from Barrow and further afield.

A tribute is set to be sited in Ramsden Square, to mark the coincidental 100th and 50th anniversaries of the Australian Submarine Service and the Barrow Branch of the Submariner’s Association.

Next year will see both organisations celebrate milestone anniversaries and a small tribute is set to be installed to mark those who have served the associations.

Barrow has strong links with Australia with the country’s first two submarines, AE1 and AE2, built at the shipyard before being lost in the Second World War.

An Australian based organisation, AE1 Incorporated, is looking to commemorate the loss of these boats and is attempting to organise memorials in Australia and Barrow.

Barrow Borough Council was approached by the local submariner’s association about sorting the tribute and agreed on Wednesday that the tribute should be sited in Ramsden Square.

Executive director of the council Phil Huck said the memorial’s position would allow a passing salute to be given during the annual Remembrance Day parade.

He said: “There has been some discussions with officers about where the tribute would go. The site that seems to satisfy both officers and the association is in Ramsden Square.”

Councillor Barry Doughty asked if the council had considered placing the memorial in the Coronation Gardens in Abbey Road, near Furness Magistrates’ Court.

He said: “Speaking as an offcomer, I just find that Ramsden Square perhaps doesn’t offer the sensitivity that the memorial should have. I wondered about the Coronation Gardens. Is there any reason why it cannot be put there?”

Mr Huck said both parties wanted the memorial sited in an area where people would visit and that not as many people would see the memorial if it was in the gardens.

Councillor Des Barlow said the memorial would act as a good link between the town and Australia.

The committee agreed to putting the memorial in land at Ramsden Square subject to the design and size of the memorial being agreed.

Source – NW Evening Mail