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Bangladesh Navy to get 2 submarines


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said her government had moved to purchase two submarines and a coast guard cutter for Bangladesh Navy to modernise and strengthen the force.

“Activities are going on to purchase two submarines from a friendly country,” she told parliament while replying to a lawmaker’s scripted query on her government’s efforts to modernise the navy, army and air force.

Hasina, however, did not mention the name of the country friendly to Bangladesh and the timeframe for completing the purchase.

The coast guard cutter will be purchased from the USA, she said.

According to a report prepared by the navy in early 2009, the force has planned to introduce an aviation wing and a submarine to its fleet to obtain capability of a three-dimensional force.

The force has already taken steps to build infrastructure and train up its personnel, said the report sent to the armed forces division, a wing under the prime minister’s office.

In her scripted answer, the premier said her government has already purchased missile, torpedo for destroying ship and submarine, depth charge, rocket launcher, canon, radar and other weapons for the navy.

Earlier on June 13 last year, Planning Minister AK Khandker, who is in charge of the defence ministry in the parliamentary affairs, told parliament that the government has moved to purchase two off-the-shelf [readymade] frigates, two large patrol crafts, two maritime patrol aircrafts and five patrol crafts for the navy.

In scripted answer to the query, the premier also described her government’s various measures to modernise and strengthen the army and air force.

She said two new army commands and an infantry division, two air defence brigades, more than one armoured, artillery and engineering battalions and other necessary supportive units will be added to the army to strengthen the force as part of implementation of the forces goal-2030.

The forces goal will be implemented in four phases in light of the defence policy formulated by the then Bangabandhu-led government in 1974, Hasina told the House.

Besides, she said, the government has moved to purchase fourth generation MBT-2000 tanks, multi-launcher rocket system, weapon locating radar, automatic grenade launcher, anti-tank weapon, non-guided anti-tank weapon, anti-tank guided missiles etc for the army.

“The activities will begin this financial year to buy multiple rocket launch system, weapon locating radar, ground surveillance radar and aircrafts carrying soldiers,” said Hasina, who also holds the defence portfolio.

She also mentioned that a process was underway to purchase modern euro-copter, light fixed-wing aircraft and armoured and anti-air weapons for the army.

“As part of expansion of the army and its modernisation, efforts are under way to establish an air defence regiment,” she added.

To modernise the air force under the forces goal-2030, she said her government has moved to buy air defence radar, fighter planes, air-to-air missiles, etc.

Hasina also informed the House about some other defence purchases already done for the armed forces.

Source – The Daily Star

Bangladesh To Spend $1 Billion On New Weapons Including Submarines

Bangladesh To Spend $1 Billion On New Weapons Including Submarines.

Bangladesh to buy first submarine

Bangladesh is to acquire its first submarines to boost its naval power in the Bay of Bengal, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced Monday, only days after she signed the country’s largest defence deal.

“We have made a decision to add submarines with base facilities to Bangladesh’s navy very soon to make it a deterrent force,” Hasina said, as she commissioned the country’s first domestically produced warship at a base in the southern city of Khulna.

“We will build a modern three-dimensional navy for future generations which will be capable of facing any challenge during a war on our maritime boundary.” The announcement is the latest sign of Hasina’s willingness to spend heavily on defence, coming only nine days after she signed a $1 billion defence deal in Russia for the purchase of training fighters, helicopters and anti-tank missiles.

Analysts have said the deal with Moscow represents the biggest military purchase agreement since impoverished Bangladesh won its independence in 1971.

Hasina did not give details of how many submarines the country would be purchasing and from where, but a senior army general told reporters on Monday that Bangladesh was in negotiations with China on the subject.

Bangladesh, a third of whose 153 million population lives below the poverty line, has been expanding its defence capabilities in recent years, building a new air base close to neighbouring Myanmar and adding new frigates.

A UN tribunal ended a territorial dispute between Bangladesh and Myanmar last March, but the row had brought the two sides close to military conflict in 2008 when Myanmar sent naval ships to support drilling for gas.

Bangladesh has also a long-standing dispute with neighbouring India over their maritime boundary in the resources-rich Bay of Bengal.

Hasina said the amicable settlement of the sea dispute with Myanmar has ensured the country’s sovereignty over 111,631 sq.km (43,100 sq.miles) of maritime area, nearly the size of the country itself.

She added the defence purchase was essential to ensure security of the huge area, in which Dhaka last month invited bidding from international oil companies to drill for new gas and oil reserves.

According to the state-run BSS news agency, the new warship that Hasina officially commissioned on Thursday was made in Khulna Shipyard under the supervision of the Bangladesh Navy.
The “BNS Padma” is armed with four 37-mm and two 20-mm cannons to resist land and air attacks and capable of laying mines.

Source – Times Online