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Submariner Day in Russia

09.11.2008 АПЛ подлодка подводная лодка судмарина Акула Нерпа

March 19th marks Submariner Day in Russia. 107 years ago, on March 19th 1906, Emperor Nicholas II issued a decree declaring submarines a separate class of warships and including ten submarines in the Russian Navy.

Russia’s first submarine – the Dolphin – rolled off the Baltic Shipyard in 1904.

At present, submarines make up the backbone of the country’s naval strategic nuclear forces.

Naval mariners, Navy veterans and cadets will lay flowers to the monuments of submariners and shipbuilders who took part in the creation of submarines.

Floral tributes will also be laid to the Kursk Submarine Memorial outside the Central Museum of the Armed Forces in Moscow.

Source – The Voice of Russia