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Russia to hand over first submarine to Vietnam in November

 Admiralty Shipyards this year will hand over to the Vietnam Navy, the first of the six diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 Varshavyanka.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung visited the 636 Kilo class submarine named “Hanoi” of Vietnam’s navy during his visit to Russia

The first of the six submarines of project 636, built at the Admiralty Shipyard has passed the tests successfully

“The tests have been completed. The delivery of product signing is scheduled in early November this year. In late January 2014, the submarine will be sent to Cam Ranh and the final minutes of the receipt of goods will be signed,” a spokesman for the shipyard said.

Earlier, the “Kanwa Defense Review” magazine, dated November, made an exclusive interview with Deputy Director of RUBUN Design Bureau (Russia), Mr. Andrey Baranov, who said that the manufacturing of the six Kilo 636 class submarines for Vietnam was progressing very smoothly.

Under the plan, in 2014 Russia will hand over a 636 Kilo class submarine to Vietnam, three others in 2015 and the last two in 2016. These boats are equipped with more modern technology than the submarines of the same type of the Chinese navy.

Source – Vietnam Net

Russia to hand over a submarine to Vietnam this Nov.

According to a press release of the Admiraltei Verfi shipyard, the first Kilo 636 submarine of the six submarines for Vietnam will be handed over to Vietnam in November 2013.

 submarine, kilo, russia, vietnam

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung inspected Kilo 636 submarine named Hanoi of Vietnam Navy during a visit to Russia in May 2013. Photo: VNA

“The factory is fixing defects and preparing for the test of ashore hand-over,” Russian newswire RIA Novosti cited a press release of Admiraltei shipyard.

“In November the two sides will sign a preliminary report and the submarine will be handed over to the base. The flag hoisting for the submarine will take place in the order-placing country,” the press release quoted the plant’s engineer Aleksandr Belyy.

Aleksandr Belyy stressed that the experiment of ashore hand-over will take quite some time. The plant engineers will check all systems and operational mechanisms of the submarine and complete the paint job.

The first phase of the trial ended on December 25, 2012. The second phase consists of factory testing and unload testing took place from 16/4 to 27/06/2013. Along with it is the training of the Vietnamese crew.

“From July 4 to 17, we made and completely finished the national testing program,” stressed Aleksandr Belyy.

“We conducted more than 100 days of diving and all systems worked well,” he said.

The contract to buy six Kilo 636 submarines from Russia was announced by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in December 2009. The contract is scheduled for completion in 2016. The two first submarines are expected to be handed over to Vietnam this year.

Varshavyanka (Kilo) submarines are the most advanced type of the contemporary world. The length of the vessel is 74 meters, and width 10 meters. Their deepest submerging level is 300 meters, and underwater speed of up to 37 km / h. The submarine can run automatically for 45 days and nights.

The Kilo submarines are equipped with the “Club” missile complex which is capable of projecting power at a distance of 300 km. Particularly, the unique feature of this submarine is its extremely low noise. The Western experts call Varshavyanka submarines “black holes in the ocean.”

Source – Vietnam Bridge