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UK – HMS Churchill reunion (One for the diary – Pass it on)


The next reunion will be at the Crown Plaza in Glasgow.

Prices and details are to be negotiated but it may be a bit more for the function this time, however there is a very good chance that along with the dance there will be a display by a full pipe band and support by Diaggio for the reception courtesy of the Meningitis Association.

Churchill Blazer Badges will be on sale at the reunion at £15 per badge. This is to covers costs.

Reunion tickets are available for sale Follow this link the tickets are £45 , however I have had to add the extra bits that paypal charges for the transaction so each ticket comes to £46.73, the donate button is to donate £5 to the Meningitis Charity.

Source – HMS Churchill website

UK – Submariners punished for drunken misconduct

HMS Astute

Figures obtained by the BBC show that there have been more than 300 disciplinary incidents in the past three years on the navy’s 13 submarines, including 42 cases of misconduct or unfitness through alcohol or drugs.

The list of disciplinary offences, provided following a freedom of information request, itemises 13 instances of misconduct or unfitness due to alcohol or drugs on the four Trident submarines, which carry nuclear weapons as the nation’s nuclear deterrent.

It also details eight drink or drug related incidents on HMS Astute, the submarine on which a junior rating shot dead an officer in April 2011 after binge drinking while on shore leave. All eight cases occurred after this shooting.

An inquest last month into the death of Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux focused attention on what was described as a culture of excessive drinking among the submarine’s personnel.

Although alcohol is available on board Royal Navy ships and submarines, its consumption is extremely limited”

Navy spokesman

The inquest was told that Able Seaman Ryan Donovan had drunk more than 20 pints of cider and lager over two days before the attack, in which he also shot and injured another officer while the submarine was docked in Southampton.

Police investigating the murder were so alarmed about heavy drinking by the crew while ashore that the senior officer wrote to Hampshire’s Chief Constable to highlight the issue and the warning was passed to military authorities.

The coroner Keith Wiseman said a culture of drinking to excess had to stop, and recommended that a system of random alcohol testing for crew should be introduced.

The Royal Navy has tightened its rules on alcohol consumption before duty. “We take all disciplinary offences seriously,” a navy spokesman said.

“Although alcohol is available on board Royal Navy ships and submarines, its consumption is extremely limited and the RN’s promotion of healthy living, coupled with the professionalism of modern sailors, means that fewer sailors drink at sea than ever before,” he added.

“This is particularly true of the submarine service due to the demands of operating the boat and the restrictions of working a continuous six-hour watch routine.”

Submarines: numbers of offences

2010 2011 2012
HMS Astute 11 14 26
HMS Ambush 0 3 3
HMS Talent 2 5 3
HMS Tireless 10 4 6
HMS Torbay 3 2 7
HMS Trafalgar 3 0 0
HMS Trenchant 4 22 11
HMS Triumph 7 4 2
HMS Turbulent 16 13 4
HMS Vanguard 14 9 9
HMS Vengeance 22 7 2
HMS Victorious 3 13 23
HMS Vigilant 3 11 10
Total 98 107 106
Total offences 2010-12 311

The most common form of misconduct within the submarine service is going absent without leave, which accounts for about half the incidents.

Alcohol and drug related misbehaviour is the next most frequent issue. According to the Ministry of Defence, these cases mainly involve alcohol rather than drugs.

Those involved are generally punished by a mixture of fines, restriction of privileges and stopping of shore leave.

The navy provided the BBC with details of 311 disciplinary incidents since January 2010 involving service personnel serving on submarines. This covers the 13 submarines in the service, but it can be difficult to contrast the disciplinary records of the various vessels without knowing their schedules and extent of times at sea.

Source – BBC News

‘Freakiest thing’: Hunter-killer class submarine spotted in Howe Sound – Video Clip

News title suggests “Hunter-killer” Not me…!!!

John Buchanan of the Squamish Environmental Society filmed HMCS Victoria, a military submarine, after spotting it near Anvil Island from the Sea-to-Sky Highway on Friday, Feb. 8, 2013.

West Vancouver residents looking out on Howe Sound over the weekend may have seen a 2,500-tonne steel leviathan emerge from the water just off Anvil Island.

The Royal Canadian Navy’s HMCS Victoria, a hunter-killer class submarine, surfaced in Howe Sound Friday afternoon as part of a training exercise in the area.

The Victoria was spotted by John Buchanan, caretaker with the Squamish Environmental Society, as he made his way down the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

“It was just the freakiest thing. I’ve never seen a submarine before in my life,” Buchanan said. “I looked over at Anvil Island and there’s this bloody submarine. This thing is huge, eh?”

Buchanan pulled over to shoot pictures and video of the rare sighting. No one in Buchanan’s circle could remember any other instances of a submarine coming into Howe Sound in the past, he said.

As a conservationist, Buchanan said he has some concerns with military activity in Howe Sound, but not enough to sound a red alert.

“I don’t want them out there every day with their sonar, do I?” he said. “But I don’t know enough about them to know what the environmental consequences of what their manoeuvres may be.”

The Department of National Defense purchased the Victoria from the British Government in 1998 but it spent years in dry dock undergoing retrofitting and repairs. It successfully fired its first torpedoes in 2012 and is entering service in 2013.

Source – The Province