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CHRIS’S Poignant Submarine Trip Down Under

CHRIS Davidson made a family trip to the other side of the world and was able to see a submarine his late father helped to build on the Clyde.


Chris from Greenock travelled with his wife Theresa to visit their daughter Pamela who emigrated to Australia just over a year ago.

During their stay they visited the maritime museum at Fremantle, south of Perth, which has former Australian Navy submarine HMAS Ovens on show. Chris enjoyed a tour of the vessel which was built at Scott’s of Greenock in the late 1960s.

He said: “I took photos of the engines with a tear in my eye, as my late dad Peter Davidson fitted them back in 1967.”

HMAS Ovens was one of six Oberon-class submarines built for Australia and remained in service until 1995.

More Information about HMAS Ovens Australian Navy Website

Source – Inverclyde Now

‘Sub should go on show in Greenock’ – HMS Onyx

CALLS for a submarine to be exhibited in Greenock have resurfaced – following news that a new ‘silent service’ museum is to be opened on the other side of the Clyde

HMS Onyx

SAVE SUB: HMS Onyx could be scrapped if no-one comes up with the money to buy the submarine

Source – Greenock Telegraph