‘Sub should go on show in Greenock’ – HMS Onyx

CALLS for a submarine to be exhibited in Greenock have resurfaced – following news that a new ‘silent service’ museum is to be opened on the other side of the Clyde

HMS Onyx

SAVE SUB: HMS Onyx could be scrapped if no-one comes up with the money to buy the submarine

Source – Greenock Telegraph


2 thoughts on “‘Sub should go on show in Greenock’ – HMS Onyx

  1. nigel mellor

    it is my belief that onyx should be saved and made into part of a museum of our history, what is wrong with displaying a boat that took part in the Falkland’s campaign together with many years of great service to the country during the cold war, she is the last chance we have of showing people what things were like in those situations.
    Canada had 3 o Boats and has preserved 2 of them with 20 boats of P & O class surley one in the north and one in the south would be fine

    1. jasonlockley Post author

      Having served on Onyx during the late 80s and early 90s – I could not agree more!! There is an active Facebook campaign going on at the moment (HMS Onyx group) lead by Ian Thornton and a few others. They are trying to find out what’s happening to her and indeed writing letters to various organisations. I hope they manage to succeed.

      It makes me wish I’d taken my family down when she was in Birkenhead!!


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