Colombian submarines getting German periscopes


Colombian navy submarines undergoing overhaul and modernization are receiving  new periscopes from Germany’s Cassidian Optronics.

The periscopes are the company’s SERO 250 search periscope, which features  state-of-the-art sensors, including infra-red. The Sero 250 was specifically  designed for the submarine refit market to replace legacy systems with minimal  platform adaptation.

“This contract is the first in a series of contracts aimed at the final  replacement of all current optical systems on board the existing Class 209  submarines of the Colombian Navy,” Cassidian said. “These submarines were  commissioned in 1975 and are now in an overhaul and upgrade phase.”

German shipbuilding company HDW is conducting the overhaul and upgrades to  the submarines and Cassidian said Colombian companies would be involved in  activities to integrate the SERO 250s onto the vessels.

Colombian Navy Type 209 submarine Pijao (SO 28) pulls into Naval Station Mayport, Florida

Cassidian Optronics was formerly known as Carl Zeiss Optronics.

Source – UPI . com


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